How to setup DNS records for my Domain

Before you add DNS Records make sure that the Nameservers for your Domain are as follows:

 Manage you DNS settings

 Login to your "Cloud Client Account".

1. Click on "Domains" and select "Manage DNS" from the drop down menu.


2. You will be directed to DNS Management.

     Click  "Add New Zone" 


3. Enter the "Domain Name" and the "IP address" the for the zone you wish to add and

    click "Add Zone"


4.  Click on the + symbol to create the Zone.


5. Please wait whilst the Zone is being created.

    Once this has been completed you will receive a confirmation message

    "Zone Created Successfully"



6. Click "Edit Zone".


7. On the next screen you can administer your domain's "Records for Type A and MX" 


8. Click "Save Changes" to save your changes.



 9.  Zones may be "added or deleted" by clicking as shown below.



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