May 4th Scheduled HV restarts

Please note that the following hypervisors need to be rebooted. We have scheduled the following date and times:

HV12: Friday 05/05/2017 10pm to 12pm
HV14: Saturday 06/05/2017 10pm to 12pm
HV15: Sunday 07/05/2017 10pm to 12pm

All VM's on these hypervisors will be rebooted during this process.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mar 27th Backend Panel Upgrade Friday 31st March EXTENDED

Please note that a backend upgrade is scheduled on Friday 31st March between the hours of 4am and 9am.Servers will not be down for this full amount of time, we are expecting less than 60 minutes downtime during this window.Unfortunately this is going to affect all servers which means that all servers will be rebooted.Thanky you for your ... Read More »